Three Benefits Of Renting Tools Instead Of Buying Them

Three Benefits Of Renting Tools Instead Of Buying Them

14 March

Having the right tool in your hands, whether you’re working on a renovation project inside your home or a seasonal job in your yard, can greatly increase the efficiency of the task and even your enjoyment of it. Given that so many different projects can require a varied assortment of tools, it’s not always practical to buy what you need. Instead, there are many advantages to visiting a rental center and getting a short- or long-term rental for a tool. The next time you’re planning a project and are deciding whether you should buy or rent something, keep these three perks to renting in mind.

Cost Savings

Perhaps the biggest benefit to renting a tool instead of buying it is that the former option will cost you less money. While simple tools aren’t expensive to buy, specialized tools can cost several hundred dollars, which might be outside your budget. Rental centers offer expensive, specialized tools for just a fraction of their purchase cost, which is ideal for the consumer. While some detractors might suggest that for the price of a handful of rentals you could buy the tool, keep in mind the fact that if you’re renting a wet saw for tile work, for example, you’re not going to likely use this tool again in the future.

Space Considerations

Unless you have ample space in your home and garage, it’s often not practical to buy a variety of tools — especially if they’re large. Rental centers offer many large tools that you can use for the duration of the project and then return to avoid cluttering your home. For example, a fall yard project could require the use of a rototiller, brush chipper and log splitter. While you can rent and manage each of these tools with ease, they’d take up a considerable amount of space if you were to own them.

No Repair Hassles

When you own a tool, having it break is a major inconvenience as you’ll either spend time and money getting it fixed or have to open up your wallet to buy a replacement. When you rent a tool, you have the option of adding insurance to the rental contract. This way, if the tool breaks during normal usage, all you have to do is return it to the rental center, pick up a replacement tool and get back to business with no delay to your project

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