Why You Shouldn’t Perform Your Own Land Survey

Why You Shouldn’t Perform Your Own Land Survey

01 January

If you have been looking for ways to save money on your land survey, you might have considered doing it yourself. You might have even found some information about it online, and you might assume that you can use old documents and other information to determine where your property lines lie. Although using old land surveys and other information about your property can be helpful, it’s still important to hire a professional for your actual land survey. These are the main reasons why.

You May Not Be Able to Use it for More Than Personal Reference

First of all, the main reason why a lot of people get land surveys is because they need them for something other than personal use. Many mortgage lenders require land surveys, for example. If you do your own land survey, you should know that it probably won’t be accepted for this type of purpose. Instead, your lender — or property buyer or neighbor who is disputing you or any other entity that is asking for a land survey — is probably going to require that you have it done by a professional. Although you might find the information that you compile to be interesting and helpful, you won’t likely be able to use it for much else.

It’s Tough to Get an Accurate Survey

Don’t assume that you can do a land survey as well as a professional can. The truth is that land surveyors have knowledge about reading old land surveys, deeds and other property-related documents. They also have fancy equipment that can help them with measuring and otherwise determining where your property lines lie. You’re going to have a tough time getting a survey that is as accurate as what a land surveyor can get.

Basically, the idea of doing your own land survey might sound appealing, especially if you are trying to compile this information but want to save some money. Unfortunately, though, it’s generally not a good idea.

Luckily, you can still compile all of the documents that are available that are related to your property, such as old land surveys and property deeds — by stopping by your local courthouse. Not only can this provide you with some fun research and information about your property, but you can also give it to your land surveyor to use. By compiling this paperwork for your surveyor, you can even save a little bit of money on the cost of the service. This means that it’s smart to do your own research, but you still probably shouldn’t try to do your own survey. For additional information on land surveying, contact a local company like Alberta Geomatics or another location.