What Different Types Of Compensation Can Be Asked For In A Personal Injury Case?

What Different Types Of Compensation Can Be Asked For In A Personal Injury Case?

07 June

Personal injury cases are based on incidents where a person is injured at the negligence of another person or a product or service provided by them. Some examples of personal injury cases include being injured in an automobile accident caused by another, a medical malpractice injury, a slip and fall injury at a business or an injury caused by a defective toy. If you file a personal injury suit against another party, these are the things you can request to be compensated for.

Medical Expenses 

If you have medical expenses for treatment for the injury or illness you suffered due to the fault of another, these can be compensated for in your personal injury case. This includes physicians visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, physical therapy, and any other medical treatment that is needed for that specific injury or illness.

Lost Time From Work 

You may also be rewarded compensation for any loss time from work if this is caused by the injury or illness. For example, if you normally work 40 hours a week and your illness or injury causes you to be off from work for a month, you can request to be compensated for the amount you would normally earn had you been working during that time.

Property Damage 

If your personal property is damaged during an accident, you can also request to be compensated for the current value of the property. This is particularly true for those who are in motor vehicle accidents that are caused by another party. The at-fault party may be held responsible to compensate you for the damage that was done to your automobile.

If your vehicle was totaled, you can ask for compensation for the value of it at the time of the accident. If the damage can be repaired, you can ask for the cost of the repairs to be paid by the at-fault party. If you had to rent a car due to these damages, you may also be reimbursed for this expense.

Pain and Suffering 

In some cases, you may be able to be compensated for any pain and suffering you endured due to the illness or injury that was caused by another party. This often depends on the type of injury or illness that occurred and if the judge includes general damage compensation in with your medical expenses.

Before you file a personal injury case, it is important to gather all the evidence needed to support your case. In order to be rewarded compensation, you must prove to the judge that the illness or injury was undoubtedly caused by the negligence of another party. Contact a professional like Stephens Holman Devraj laywer for more information.